‘Tis the Season to Rest Your Tires and Refuel Your Spirits!


Hey Asphalt Superstars,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🎄🚗 As we gear up for some well-deserved time off, I wanted to drop a quick note to remind you to park those work boots, put the jackhammer on mute, and let the asphalt cool down for a bit. It’s time to trade in those reflective vests for cozy Christmas sweaters and swap out the smell of freshly laid asphalt for the comforting aroma of gingerbread cookies.

Remember, just like a perfectly paved road, life sometimes needs a smooth surface too. So, whether you’re taking a road trip to visit family or just planning to binge-watch your favorite holiday movies, make sure to recharge those batteries. It’s the only way to ensure you come back in the new year ready to roll with the punches – and the steamrollers!

And speaking of safety, keep in mind that sleighs have the right of way on the road this season. Dashing through the snow is their thing, and we wouldn’t want any reindeer-road rage incidents. Plus, Santa’s reindeer don’t have reflective antlers, so be on the lookout.

Here’s to a holly, jolly holiday break filled with laughter, relaxation, and maybe a bit too much eggnog. Your hard work and dedication have paved the way for a fantastic year, and we can’t wait to hit the asphalt running in 2024!

Stay safe, stay festive, and enjoy your well-earned time off!

Chief Pothole Avoidance Officer