National Safety Council – Distracted Driving Awareness Month

From Preston Kunkel – Safety Manager

We all must drive in our daily lives, whether it is to the jobsite, picking our kids up from school or a quick trip to the grocery store. As we are human, we are all at risk at of becoming distracted while behind the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines distracted driving as any activity that diverts a driver’s attention from driving. This could be talking, texting, eating, and drinking, changing the radio station, looking at the navigation system or a billboard along the side of the road; quite honestly anything that takes your attention away from safely driving the vehicle. April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month, so we should make the commitment to not only ourselves, but the countless others sharing the road with us to avoid distractions while behind the wheel.


  • Commit to driving distraction free pledge: this pledge provided by the NSC allows you to make the personal commitment to driving distraction free. Scan the code or click the link to take the pledge!
  • “Just” poster. This poster displays the excuses we make when driving distracted.
  • Set up your drive poster.
  • Set up your drive video via QR code. This YouTube video will give you some great tips to set up your drive before you make your trip.
  • Distractions inside the vehicle.
  • Hands free is not risk-free infographic.


Please take the time to discuss these topics with your respective teams and place the posters/infographics where they can be seen by all of our team members, but also, take the pledge to not only drive safe during the month of April, but every time you get behind the wheel!

Thanks, and stay safe,

Preston Kunkel

Safety Manager

Asphalt Specialties Co INC