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Asphalt Roofing Shingles


It has been reported that asphalt shingles represents the third largest source of construction waste placed in landfills annually.  Approximately 90 million roofing shingles squares, weighing in excess of 13 million tons, are manufactured each year.  We are not only keeping this waste out of landfills, we are using cutting edge technology to help keep our products and prices as low as possible.  ASCI has recently started recycling asphalt shingles as another part of our recycling efforts in producing hot-mix asphalt.  As of 2008, we are the only paving company in the Denver Metro area doing so.  Using asphalt shingles in the manufacturing of hot-mix asphalt offers us another opportunity to reclaim raw materials from landfills. 

Recycled Shingles Before and After 

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- 11/16/2009



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